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Archive for June 14th, 2007

Is my new car warranty enough?

    Is my new car warranty enough?  The question races through your mind like a thoroughbred at the racetrack.  Is my new car warranty enough?  After you have spent your life’s savings on what could probably be the most expensive thing that you will ever own, the question still plagues your mind – is […]

Aftermarket auto warranty saves your skin

So at last you have made the final move to purchase your dream car! You have always wanted to buy a new car. But wait! Have you taken care of the warranty period of your dream car? Any one knows that the warranty period offers the buyer coverage against the expenses in case of any […]

Auto warranty tips for future car owners

  What is more enchanting than going for a long drive under the moonlit sky? You have dreamed of this idea a long time. But one problem, you are not a car owner. But if you have the money, buy one. Before jumping at the thought of buying a car, give a serious look into […]

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