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Archive for June 15th, 2007

Used car warranty law ensures protection against frauds

  An Auto warranty is always a valuable and an indispensable part of purchasing a car. But if you are going to buy an older car, you should be extra careful regarding the auto warranty of that car. Remember that an impeccable auto warranty covers all the expenses regarding car maintenance and repairs. However, many […]

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Obtaining a used car warranty – wishful thinking?

 If you have ever tried to get a used car warranty, you will realize exactly how difficult and time-consuming this is.    With a used car warranty, mileage becomes a major factor in deciding whether or not you would be able to qualify for coverage.  Most companies that do offer used car warranties insert a […]

What you didn’t know about the aftermarket auto warranty

Most persons find themselves buying aftermarket auto warranty, or extended auto coverage, upon the insistence or suggestion of a car salesperson without asking or understanding what they are buying.  And most people fork out hundreds of dollars a year on aftermarket auto warranties with the expectation that it shields them from every single car problem […]

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