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Archive for June 21st, 2007

Maintaining both your new car and your new car warranty

  As a private auto repair technician, I have noticed time and time again that most people who buy new cars are unaware of the limitations and specifications of their new car warranties.  I am continuously being referred to people with new cars who require service maintenance, oil changes, battery recharges or any other assistance […]

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full or limited warranty service?

  Most times, an individual who purchases a used car doesn’t pay much attention to the details of his used car warranty.  But in fact, used car warranties can be either full warranties or limited warranties, which cover on specified parts of the used car.  It is often to find that the coverage for limited […]

Before you buy that aftermarket auto warranty, consider …

  An aftermarket auto warranty is basically an extended warranty contract.  Most people buy these because they think that more coverage is better coverage, but they do not take the time to think carefully about whether or not they really need an aftermarket auto warranty. First of all, the manufacturer’s warranty is the first warranty […]

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