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Get Fit With Honda

Honda�s new subcompact car. A week ago I talked about the rise in subcompact cars. It seems like every major manufacturer has a new small car coming out, and one of the most anticipated models is the new Honda Fit. It sounds odd, but honda forsees fit doing fine with youngsters who want to help […]

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Alternative Fuels

A look at several alternative fuel sources I read a great article about alternative fuel sources.  I caution you that it is a bit long.  The article details six alternatives to petroleum.  And, as we all know, there are many reasons for us to curb our appetites for petroleum. These alternatives vary widely from each […]

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More Hybrid Alternatives

A new engine design to compete with all those hybrids. Yesterday, I talked about a very fuel efficient vehicle that was not a hybrid.  Today its not a car.  It’s an engine; well, an engine design.  The whole process doesn’t sound too complicated, but I’ll let the experts explain it to you.   Whether or […]

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German Engineering

A look at an impressive new entry in the battle for better fuel economy. Recently, I’ve posted several topics about auto news relating to the gas crunch and vehicles with good fuel economy.  Today, however, I was very excited when I saw the Loremo.  Not only does it get 157 miles per gallon but it […]

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Ford Faces Tough Times

Ford endured a first quarter loss and more may be coming. Just yesterday gas was going for $2.85 a gallon in the city where I live.  And I’m not talking about the premium stuff.  We all know that it will continue to climb as summer approaches.  Right now there is talk of $4.00 a gallon […]

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Proud to buy Japanese?

A look at Toyota’s impact in the U.S. I recently saw a billboard which read, “Want to support Japan?  Then buy Toyota and Honda.”  I’m sure whoever is responsible for the ad (probably someone affiliated with one or all of the big three North American automakers) is very patriotic.  However, in today’s world of increased […]

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Commercials Happen

Thoughts about the new VW commercials. Have you seen the new Volkswagen Jetta commercials?  Wow!  After I saw them, that was the first thing I said.  And, I think, I repeated that phrase on each repeat viewing as well.  Don’t worry if you haven’t seen them yet  and are worried I will ruin some surprise.  […]

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Auto News: Auto Makers and Their Suppliers

Recent news about auto parts suppliers. Here in America, our cars and trucks are a very important part of our everyday lives.  Most of us could not function without them.  Many of you know that if one little part goes wrong,  it could put the whole vehicle out of commission.  And there are a lot […]

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The New Look of Saturn

GM is revamping its Saturn brand.  When GM unveiled the Saturn brand in the 90’s, it was marketed as “a different kind of car company.”  Although that slogan was dropped a few years ago, Saturn will once again be a different kind of company.  This time it will be because GM is finally revamping its […]

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Auto News: Hybrid Talk

Are auto makers using hybrids to hide behind?      “What’s in a name?”  Yes, I just quoted Shakespeare in an auto blog.  But seriously, what kind of meaning does the word hybrid bring with it.  Several years ago many environmentalists saw hybrids as salvation for the auto industry.  But now, many of these same people […]

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