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Secrets To Getting A Great Deal On A Used Car

So, you’ve done your research.  You’ve been to numerous car dealers with quotes from the Internet, so you know what is out there.  You know all about rebates, and have learned how to negotiate.  However, you still can’t find the right car for the right price.  Never fear, there is a car out there for […]

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Now Is The Time To Purchase A Used Vehicle

There is nothing that makes people more nervous than buying a used car.  However, the fact is that some of the smartest car shoppers today are purchasing pre-owned vehicles that serve them extremely well.  Even experts in the automobile world agree that it is a great time to buy a used vehicle. There are several […]

Highlights Of The 2009 Hummer H3T

Even though the economy is difficult, fans are awaiting the 2009 Hummer H3T.  Consumers are still purchasing luxury vehicles, with the addition of an auto warranty to protect their investments. The 2009 Hummer H3T has arrived.  This version’s design is closer to a traditional pickup.  It has a crew cab that is separate and the […]

It’s Time To Do Spring Maintenance On Your Vehicle

With spring weather well on its way, it’s time to think about giving your vehicle some TLC.  The frigid winter is hard on cars, especially the ice and salt that comes along with it.  Never fear, a little bit of maintenance will get your car back in tip-top shape. If you have snow tires on […]

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Hybrids Could Be Dangerous For Pedestrians

Consumers are thrilled to drive hybrids because they allow for a great savings.  Drivers can save money on gas, which allows them to spend their money on important things such as maintenance and new car warranties.  However, there are growing concerns about hybrids being too quiet.  Cars such as the Prius are hazardous to pedestrians, […]

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Choosing An Auto Loan

Consumers should consider all of the monthly expenses when choosing a car.  For example, gas costs, insurance, an auto warranty, maintenance, and car payments need to be factored in to the equation. Many Americans need the assistance of an auto loan when purchasing a new car.  In fact, the majority of people in America finance […]

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Electric Vehicles Coming To The U.S.

The electric car is here.  Within the next four years, two of the Japanese automakers have intentions of having all-electric vehicles on the roads in America.  In addition, there are other automakers designing similar cars. Many of the electric vehicles that are coming out are small and travel approximately 90 miles, until they need recharging.  […]

The 2009 Nissan Maxima

Probably the car that has had the biggest identity crisis over the years is the Nissan Maxima sedan.  It has been a luxury car, mainstream car, and even a sporty car.  Now, however, the 2009 version of the Nissan Maxima has gone back to its roots. The new Maxima has been reinvigorated and deserves to […]

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The Poor Economy Boosts Pre-Owned Car Sales

The downturn of the U.S. economy, and soaring gas prices, has drivers steering toward purchasing used cars instead of new ones. A recent survey examining 40 car retailers indicated used car sales have increased. In fact, of the dealerships, 28 percent said that they had sold more used vehicles than expected. Also, 82 percent of […]

Isuzu Will Be Dropping Out of The Market In America

Isuzu has been battling to stay in the U.S. market, but that battle is now over.  The Japanese automaker has announced that it will stop selling new cars in America starting January 31, 2009. Isuzu has been expected to withdraw from the U.S. market for years. Isuzu was in the top of the market for […]

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