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An Extended Auto Warranty Can Increase Your Car’s Trade-In Value

A car’s trade-in value is determined by how sought-after it is in the used car market. A car that is in good condition, has not had multiple owners, and has an accident-free history, will have a good trade-in value. One of the most significant factors in value is whether or not it was regularly and […]

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Four Types Of Coverage You Can Get From An Auto Warranty For Your New Car

If you just purchased a new car, it is a good idea to purchase an auto warranty. New car warranties offer four types of coverage for your car: 1. One type of coverage you can get is a basic, or bumper-to-bumper warranty. This covers all parts of the car from bumper to bumper. 2. Another […]

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An Auto Warranty And A Used Car Loan Make A Great Combination

There are many who rely on their cars to get them through the day. If the car isn’t running properly or if it breaks down, it makes getting to their destination a much more stressful and difficult task. This interrupts their daily life and also they are now left with the burden of repair costs. […]

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Avoid Excessive Car Expenses With 3 Tips And An Auto Warranty

A lot of people become really attached to their cars and are constantly worrying about how they are running and how they look. It is okay to care so much for your car, however you should avoid paying excessive and unnecessary expenses to care for it. Here are three tips to help you avoid excessive […]

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