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New Year’s Eve Driver Safety

Designate a driver, get a cab, or utilize local services. Every year, the potential for serious automobile fatalities is reduced by responsible New Year’s Eve driver safety. To keep out of harm’s way this holiday, you’ll want to remember to make arrangements in advance, to get home other than driving. You can either Designate a […]

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Auto Warranty News | Automobile Magazine Names Auto of the Year

Volkswagen AG GTI named 2007 Auto of the Year The Volkswagen AG GTI, was named Car of the Year for 2007 by Automobile Magazine. Gavin Conway, editor-in-chief of Automobile Magazine, said the sporty version of the VW Golf, now in its fifth generation, was the unanimous pick of the magazine’s senior editors because of the […]

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Auto Warranty News | General Motors has Anti-Collision System in Testing

Vehicle to Vehicle communications are in development in major auto companies. Major auto companies such as DaimlerChrysler have announced anti-collision systems that rely on the ability of vehicles to be able to communicate to each other via on-board technology. General Motors has followed up with its own announcement about developing vehicle to vehicle communications systems […]

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Auto Warranty News | The Nissan Green Program

“The Nissan Green Program 2010 is specifically focused on reducing CO2 emissions both from our products as well as from day-to-day corporate activities. “ According to Automotoportal, Nissan is sharing details about a program they have started that is designed to launch a greener initiative throughout the company. Its three focuses are to reduce CO2 […]

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Auto News | Toyota Recalls Thousands of Vehicles

Over 100,000 SUVs recalled According to Car and Driver magazine, over 100,000 Toyota Highlanders and RAV4s have been recalled byt the manufacturer. The campaign involves 60,700 four-cylinder Highlander SUVs from the 2001-2003 model years and 159,100 RAV4s from the 2001-2002 model years…. Toyota said the light did not affect the vehicle’s operation. The company will […]

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Auto News | Infants Should Not Sleep in Car Safety Seats Alone

Pediatric doctors in New Zealand report breathing risk to babies who sleep in car seats. Infants should not be left to sleep alone in car seats, reports Forbes magazine. This week’s issue of the Business Medical Journal detailed a study of infants who had breathing problems that were later found to have the common thread […]

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Auto News | Don’t Skip Rental Car Insurance says The State

South Carolina’s The State explains why you should get the rental car insurance. An extended auto warranty is like an additional insurance policy against the worst case scenarios that seem to happen with the things we own right at that point when we don’t have coverage. And just as auto warranty protection is used more often […]

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Auto News | General Motors Developing Fully Electrically Powered Cars In Future

Over the long term, GM says it plans to move to cars powered completely by eletricity. According to What Car?, GM says it wants to "remove the automobile from the environment debate’". In the short term, this means increasing production of hybrids. Over the long term, GM has plans to do what no other automobile […]

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