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Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To Car Shopping

A recent report shows that new car customers aren’t doing enough to ensure the best deals on financing, insurance and new car warranties. Only 64 percent of motorists would even attempt a negotiation on the price of a new vehicle.  In addition, over 2 million motorists wouldn’t even bother to research the current value of […]

Purchasing A Used Car

If you are thinking of purchasing a new car, don’t just rely on professional expertise; make yourself a professional expert as well.  This includes taking certain measures such as doing your homework and researching an auto warranty.  You can be empowered by arming yourself with the following information about purchasing a used vehicle. Examine the […]

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Factor In Ownership Costs When Buying A Vehicle

Many drivers don’t realize that buying a less-expensive vehicle model can actually end up costing you more in the long run than a model that is more-expensive up front. One example of this is a Mitsubishi Lancer vs. a Mini Cooper Clubman.  A new Lancer costs around $17,500, which is $5,000 less than the initial […]

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The Compact Car Trend

Used fuel-efficient vehicles that at one time would have been hard for dealers to sell, such as the Chevrolet Aveo and Ford Focus, are now being sold at record speed, and their prices have risen.  According to J.D. Power & Associates, the ten pre-owned cars with the prices rising the fastest include the Kia Spectra, […]

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Rumors Of A Merger Spark Auto Warranty Worries

As if people haven’t found enough reasons not to purchase a new car, recent rumors about a possible merger between Chrysler and GM have raised added doubts for motorists. There are many questions raised by the possibility that GM may acquire Chrysler, but followers of the industry say that one question by consumers who recently […]

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The 2009 Honda Element

According to Honda, the 2009 Element that has undergone a restyling is now on sale with a beginning price of $20,175, not including a destination charge of $670 or new car warranties.  Standard on the base model is a five-speed automatic, unlike the model last year, which included a manual for $18,980.  In addition, there […]

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Important Car Safety Information For Children

What is important about age 13 that makes it OK for children to finally ride in the front seat of the car?  Are they finally big enough to withstand the impact of an airbag?  Are they at the age where they can behave in the front seat? A big part of the problem is behavior.  […]

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

It isn’t surprising that Ford’s aiming the new 2010 Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion hybrids straight at the Toyota Camry Hybrid, but what is attention getting is Ford claiming that its sedan hybrids will outdo the city mileage of the Camry Hybrid by 5 mpg.  That would make the Milan and Fusion hybrids’ rating at […]

Ford’s New Device Helps Drivers Save Gas

Ford just unveiled the SmartGauge dashboard system, which will help motorists improve their fuel-efficiency.  This system works by alerting drivers when they are practicing positive driving habits. Basically, drivers will be provided with feedback, with various information levels available, which range from the “Journey” basic mode to the “Empower” mode, which is more detailed.  Graphics […]

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Do It Yourself Electric Vehicles

For drivers who are sick of paying the high fuel prices and who aren’t willing to wait for automakers to put affordable electric cars on the market, CNN has reported that car owners are doing conversions on their gas powered vehicles to make them electric powered. The conversion has been described as “surprisingly easy”, which […]

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