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Major Recall For Toyota

1 million cars to be recalled. Toyota announced on Tuesday that they will be recalling about 1 million cars world wide.  A little over half of these cars are in Japan but another 400,000 or so will be recalled from around the world.   The reason for the recall is to replace bad intermediate shafts […]

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Pontiac Looks To The Rear In Order To Move Ahead

Can GM breath some life into this struggling brand? Recently, GM decided against scrapping its Saturn brand. Instead GM gave  it a new image.  Once again they face this same choice with their Pontiac brand.  Pontiac sales have been declining and many see it as a dying brand.   GM still thinks it has some […]

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Diesel In America?

Problems and possible solutions concerning diesel engines. Last week I discussed the possibility of diesel engines becoming more popular in America, this is something that has already happened in Europe.  I mentioned one setback was the fact that diesels emit nitrogen oxides and emission standards in this country are continuing to crack down on those. […]

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Large SUVs may hurt GM and Ford

Used SUV prices are plummiting Anyone with any sense knows that the automotive industry is not in the best of shape right now. And everyday it seems as things are getting worse. Yesterday was actually the first good news about the auto industry in a while. However, today we’re back to the problem with American […]

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GM Shares Rise

GM stocks are upgraded On Wednesday, General Motors Corp. shares jumped. The shares jumped because an analyst upgraded GM’s stock to “buy” status. That’s where a company wants to be. GM’s restructuring model looks as though it is working. The restructuring of most companies is usually laying people off and GM is no different. GM […]

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Lets cut foreign oil consumption in half

Hillary Clinton proposes cut our addiction in half by 2025 Senator Hillary Clinton is pushing for a major reform with dependence on foreign oil; she proposes that we cut our dependence in half. That would be 8million less barrels a day, and she proposes that we should be at that point by 2025. Now, there […]

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Four Wheels Are Better Than Two

Ford to offer more all-wheel drive vehicles. The Ford Motor Company lost $1.2 billion in the first quarter of this year but they don’t plan on staying down for long.  They have big plans to make a splash in the AWD market.  Right now Subaru is king of the hill when it comes to all-wheel-drive […]

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Will Diesel Passenger Cars Cross The Atlantic?

Can the diesel engine have success in the U.S. like in Europe? Right now, 35% of the passenger automobiles sold in Europe have diesel engines.  This number could grow to as much as 50%, during the next ten years.  In contrast to these numbers, there is currently only one diesel passenger car available in the […]

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Gas Prices Rise, So Do SUV Sales.

High gas prices are not scaring drivers as much as has been expected. The so called experts have been expecting hybrids and smaller cars to knock SUVs off the throne ever since gas hit $3.00 a gallon.  However, it is going to take more than that to dethrone the current rulers of the rode.  After […]

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Honda Has Big News

Honda jump starts its plans for the future. Honda is currently over half-way toward the deadline of its “2010 Vision.”  This vision was first stated in 1998, and with only four years left the Japanese auto maker recently announced its plans to complete the process. Honda’s 2010 Vision is a long-term corporate initiative "to become […]

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