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Prepare For A Spring Road Trip By Keeping Your Car In Good Shape With An Auto Warranty

A really fun family activity during the spring is a road trip. Although road trips are fun, stress and frustration often occur for families while out on the road. Be sure to keep in mind the following tips in order to make certain that your family’s trip is a great one. The best thing to […]

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Maintain Your Car With An Auto Warranty

A car is a huge investment. The cost of a car doesn’t end when you pay the sticker price listed on the window. There are a multitude of other costs including, gas, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, and an auto warranty. Luckily for consumers, cars designed today run for about 15 years and for more than 100,000 […]

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Purchase An Auto Warranty For Your Used Car

Surveys have shown that the number of people who purchase used cars is higher than the number of people who purchase new cars. However, many consumers worry that they will not get a quality auto warranty for their used cars like the warranties that they would get with a new car. There are many fraudulent […]

Facts About New Car Warranties

A warranty is a guarantee made to the consumer by the seller for a product that is being sold. When the warranty is for a car, it is a contract for replacement and repair of parts for a specific amount of time. New car warranties provide many different benefits. When the consumer buys a car […]

Do You Know What Is Covered By Your Auto Warranty?

Often times when people get repairs and maintenance done on their vehicles they are asking the question, “Isn’t that covered by my auto warranty?” Many motorists just assume that an auto warranty covers repairs despite factors such as vehicle mileage, maintenance requirements, and environmental conditions. However, this is not the case. An auto warranty is […]

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Picking A Quality Aftermarket Auto Warranty Company

If you purchase a new vehicle, you generally do not expect any problems to arise early on in the vehicle’s life. However, if problems do arise, the major ones can be very costly to get fixed. For example, replacing the engine on your vehicle could cost more than 2,000 dollars. If you have a quality […]

4 Types Of Coverage You Can Get From A New Car Auto Warranty

An auto warranty is a smart investment to make if you buy a new car. New car warranties provide four different types of coverage: 1. One type of coverage that you can get is basic coverage, which is also known as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. This kind of warranty provides coverage for the parts of the […]

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