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The Pontiac G8 GXP Is A High Performance Sedan

The Pontiac G8 GXP with 402 hp will give performance sedans that are already established a run for their money.  The GXP is listed at $37,610, which is at least $1,000 cheaper than the Dodge Charger SRT8 and you still get an impressive auto warranty. The GXP has a 402 hp, 6.2-liter V-8 engine with […]

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What Compact SUVs Do Consumers Like?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a small SUV you’re in luck because there are many good choices.  Compact SUVs offer practicality, fuel-efficiency, and nice style.  In fact you can find many models for under $25,000 complete with an auto warranty.  So what are the best and worst models to consider?  Read on. The Honda CR-V […]

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Which Convertibles Have A Lot To Offer?

Probably the one vehicle that has been known to stir up people’s emotions like no other is the convertible. Driving a convertible gives a motorist a sense of exhilaration and freedom.  There are around 30 models of convertibles in the U.S. ranging from $20,000 to over $300,000.  What are the most popular? The #1 convertible […]

Strategies That Can Help Car Shoppers Save Money

If you are thinking of buying a used or new car there are a few things that you should do first.  Taking some simple steps can save you money and make the car buying process easier. First of all, consider buying a used vehicle.  All new cars lose approximately 30% of their value as soon […]

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Do You Know What Steps To Take After A Car Accident?

Car accidents are scary and usually happen unexpectedly.  An accident leaves motorists feeling shocked and stunned, and often, they don’t know what to do next.  Here are some important steps to take in this situation. Of course the first thing to do is call 911 in the event of an injury.  Also, always contact the […]

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Smart Cars Get Excellent Safety Ratings

Smart cars are becoming more and more popular because of the downsizing trend.  But many consumers have reservations about the safety of this car because of its 8 feet long, 5 feet tall dimensions.  So how does the Smart car measure up in safety? According to crash tests conducted in May by the Insurance Institute […]

Routine Car Maintenance May Save You From Future Car Repairs

Many motorists don’t realize that a little bit of routine maintenance can keep you free of expensive car repairs.  And most maintenance takes no more time than refilling the fluid for your windshield wipers.  Here are a few tips to help keep drivers safe and free of trouble. Make sure to change your oil every […]

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How To Go About Restoring A Vintage Car

If you’re a lover of old cars you aren’t alone. Antique car shows all over the U.S. display vintage cars.  Crowds gather to admire these charming vehicles.  Owners who display their vehicles have a great deal of pride. Many people who own vintage cars have restored them piece-by-piece, literally. It’s not just that they have […]

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Do Thorough Research Before Buying A Used Car

If you are shopping for a used car, rely on professional opinions, but also make yourself an expert.  Just by doing research on such things as an auto warranty and vehicle features, you can arm yourself with some much needed buying information.  Here are a few things to look for when examining a vehicle. First, […]

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Determining What Your Car’s Resale Value Will Be

Most people looking to buy a new vehicle are concerned only with the sticker price.  While this is an important number to consider, another number is just as important: the resale value.  During the initial five years of ownership, depreciation is the biggest expense that drivers will incur. Most cars will only retain just over […]

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