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There 2 Types of Extended Auto Warranties

There are two types of extended auto warranties. There are warranties that are accessible through aftermarket auto warranty companies and warranties that are backed by the manufacturer. An extended auto warranty that comes from a manufacturer includes a wide range of repairs and services. Repairs performed on your car are usually done at a dealership […]

Make The Most Of Your Auto Warranty With These Tips

Buying an auto warranty can be complicated if you do not know enough about them. Therefore, it may be smart to hire a professional auto consultant before finalizing the warranty. The consultant will offer a number of tips to make the most of the warranty. The first important tip is to avoid warranties that are […]

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Select A Good Auto Warranty

An auto warranty refers to a specific service that is offered by a dealer to the vehicle owner for a period of time from the date of sale of the car. A warranty usually covers the cost of maintenance and repairs performed on a vehicle. The warranty is issued by the dealer at the time […]

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New Car Warranties

A warranty is a guarantee that is made by the seller for the product that is being sold. When the warranty is for a vehicle, it is a contract that states the replacement and repair of parts for a specific amount of time. New car warranties come with the purchase of new vehicles. New car […]

Buy An Aftermarket Auto Warranty That Provides Wear And Tear Coverage

Most people tend to spend a lot of money when purchasing an aftermarket auto warranty or and extended warranty for their cars. These warranties come into play after the original warranty or factory warranty on your car is terminated. Once you purchase an aftermarket auto warranty, then the bills for changed parts and repairs are […]

There Are Two Types Of Extended Auto Warranties

There are two different types of extended auto warranties. There are ones that are backed by the manufacturer and then there are ones that can be retrieved through an aftermarket auto warranty company. An extended auto warranty that you get from a manufacturer consists of a large variety of repairs and services. Repairs performed on […]

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An Aftermarket Auto Warranty Provides Car Assurance

An aftermarket auto warranty is also known as an extended auto warranty. They are different from warranties that are provided by manufacturers at the time of the vehicle purchase. The warranty that is purchased after the original factory warranty is terminated is the aftermarket auto warranty. The owner of a vehicle needs to buy the […]

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