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Three Things To Know About Car Warranties

Any car owner can feel at ease about bringing their car to the shop if they purchase a car warranty. Car warranties can lower the cost of maintenance and repairs performed on your car. Here are three things to know about car warranties: First off, know where the warranty is coming from. Is it coming […]

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Get A Great Deal On An Auto Warranty

Buying an auto warranty is not always an easy thing to do. In a study done by automobile industry analysts, it was found that consumers do not have all of the necessary and basic information on how to get a great deal on an auto warranty. It is important for consumers to proceed with caution […]

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The Facts About New Car Warranties

A guarantee made by the seller to the consumer for a product that is being sold is called a “warranty.” Therefore, auto warranties are contracts for replacement and repairs of parts on a vehicle for a specific period of time. New car warranties are provided when consumers purchase new cars and they provide many benefits. […]

An Aftermarket Auto Warranty Can Help You Save Money On Car Repairs

In today’s world, cars have become essential for travelling each day. Motorists are reliant upon their cars to get them from point A to point B. Whether it means getting to work on time or just running errands, our cars need to be working properly in order to get to our intended destination. Since our […]

Used Car Loans And Used Car Warranties Can Be Helpful

Motorists are dependent upon their cars to get them though every day. If their car does not run the right way or it breaks down on them, it can make getting through every day much harder to do. This not only makes it difficult to get through the day, but it also is difficult on […]

Two Different Types Of Extended Auto Warranties

There are two different types of extended auto warranties. There are warranties that are backed by the manufacturer and warranties that are obtained through an aftermarket auto warranty company. Purchasing an extended auto warranty through an aftermarket company will usually be more inexpensive. This kind of extended auto warranty tends to vary in price and […]

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4 Different Types Of Coverage That Can Be Provided By New Car Warranties

An auto warranty is a good investment to make if you just purchased a new car. New car warranties can provide four different types of coverage: 1. One kind of coverage that can be provided is basic coverage, which is also known as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. This provides coverage for all of the parts of […]

Bumper-To-Bumper Auto Warranties

A basic auto warranty may state that it provides coverage for your vehicle from bumper to bumper. “Bumper to bumper” means from the front end of your car to the back end of your car and everything that is in-between. However, does the warranty actually provide that coverage? If not, can an extended auto warranty […]

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Getting An Auto Warranty For Your Used Car

Surveys have shown that the numbers of people who choose to buy a used car are higher than the numbers of people who choose to buy a new car. However, many buyers are worried that they may not get a good warranty for their used cars like they would get with a new car. There […]

Ensuring The Reliability Of Your Auto Warranty

The last difficulty you need to run into after investing in something like an auto warranty, is finding out that your warranty doesn’t meet you original expectations because it doesn’t cover everything that you need to be covered. If vehicle buyers find that is a necessity to have an inspection done on a vehicle before […]

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