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Defensive Driving Will Keep You Safe

A defensive driver is someone who is always on guard and prepared for what could happen.  They are cautious, yet are able to take action and not put their fate in other drivers’ hands.  The National Safety Council has revealed that driver error accounts for 77% of accidents.  This number can be cut significantly by […]

Preparing Your Car For Summer Heat

With spring and summer approaching, it is important to maintain your car.  The heat is unavoidable and it can do great damage to your vehicle.  Here are a few tips to prepare your car for summer that will help you avoid calling for road service. First, have your hoses and belts inspected.  Many vehicles today […]

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Steps To Take Before Going On A Road Trip

One of the family activities that are the most fun is going on road trips.  Over the spring and summer, American families will go on over 320 trips.  Although enjoyable, frustration can accompany families on the road.  Take note of the following do’s and don’ts in order to ensure that your family has a great […]

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Comparing Car Financing Deals

Credit is a key factor when an auto shopper is trying to figure out how much they will pay for a car.  However, according to experts, people should look at various dealers to compare special financing deals.  This is as important as shopping around for a car type. It is important to request a copy […]

Recent Seat Belt Technology

The number one safety device is undoubtedly the seat belt.  And even though seat belts save approximately 11,000 people in America from crashes every year, researchers are still working to find improvements for the belts.  If experts in safety have their way, drivers will go from wearing three-point belts to four point belts.  In addition, […]

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V-8s Are A Thing Of The Past

The legendary and powerful V-8 engine is finding its place in history, because very few new cars are using it, according to U.S. car industry reports.  Consumers want to protect themselves with fuel-efficient vehicles that have an auto warranty, and aren’t purchasing vehicles with V-8 engines. The majority of carmakers are deciding not to put […]

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Mandatory Safety Advancement Is Saving Lives

In future car accidents a circuit could be as crucial to survival as a seat belt.  Congress made seat belts mandatory in the 1960’s, which was revolutionary in car safety.  Since then, seat belts have greatly reduced deaths.  Now, there is an additional safety revolution in the midst.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has […]

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Volvo Has New Safety Advancements

Volvo already has a good reputation for its impressive safety features.  Yet, Volvo has recently debuted new safety technologies.  To improve their safety features Volvo has built on its current safety features. Volvo’s latest safety package is available on the Volvo XC60.  The package has the purpose of assisting distracted drivers. One impressive safety feature […]

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RV Owners Admit To Costly Blunders

Unfortunately, mistakes often happen when you’re in an unfamiliar place.  A recent survey reported that people driving in RV’s often make expensive blunders.  More than 1,000 RV drivers were surveyed, revealing some interesting mishaps that they have had. The blunders that were the most common are as follows:  backing up into something, failing to connect […]

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Simple Routine Maintenance Can Keep You Safe In Your Car

Many motorists don’t realize that a little bit of routine maintenance can keep you free of expensive car repairs.  And most maintenance takes no more time than refilling the fluid for your windshield wipers.  Here are a few tips to help keep drivers safe and free of trouble. Make sure to change your oil every […]

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