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Auto News | Ford Debuts Escape Hybrid at LA Auto Show

Touted as “full” hybrid. The Ford Escape Hybrid made its debut at the  Los Angeles Automobile Show this afternoon. From the press release: Ford Escape Hybrid continues to be a "full" hybrid. This means that, unlike other "mild" hybrid vehicles, Escape Hybrid can run on 100 percent electric power up to about 30 mph, maximizing […]

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Auto News | Nine Ways to Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Money-saving tips for your car, from the federal government. Gotta love Pueblo. The Federal Government is out to lower the cost of owning a car. They’re spreading the word through one of their most useful websites, the online version of Pueblo. You may remember this resource from the offline version, advertised widely on television during […]

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Camry is MotorTrend’s Car of the Year

Honor “goes to the entire Camry range, including the Camry Hybrid.” Motor Trend Magazine recently announced the Toyota Camry as its 2007 Car of the Year. The January 2007 issue of the magazine will feature the Car of the Year and will be on news stands on December the 5th. The Toyota Camry bested a […]

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Auto News | Gas Prices Still Climb, But Less in California

California gas prices high, but are still among lowest in the West The Central Valley Business Times reports that California gas prices, while still on the rise, are still lower than most other Western states. California’s average price on Friday is $2.512 per gallon for self-serve regular grade (87 octane.) That is less than motorists […]

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Auto News | Would You Buy a Car on Amazon?

“From November 20, Ford Motor Company will sell their luxury Lincoln models from pages on” Some thought that there wouldn’t be a demand for online ordering of groceries, and a few years ago, the legal downloading of videos from the Internet didn’t seem like a viable alternative to getting DVDs delivered. Amazon has been […]

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Auto News | BMW’s Hydrogen 7 Available for Selective Lease in 2007

Launch of first luxury hydrogen hybrid with limited leasing starting in March. Powered by liquid hydrogen that is stored in a vacuum-sealed tank, the engine delivers a whopping 300bhp, yet the emission escaping through the exhaust pipe is mainly pure water vapour. Unlike rival hydrogen models in the making, which use fuel cells, the BMW […]

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Auto Warranty | Real Bumper to Bumper Auto Warranties

You can cover your new car completely, from bumper to bumper. A basic warranty may say that it covers your car from bumper to bumper – that is from the front end of your car to the back, and everything in-between. But does it really? And if not, will an extended auto warranty complete your […]

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Auto Industry News | Good Housing Institute Releases Results of Mileage Study

Several local markets have covered the report both on and offline. Even when the price of gas was falling recently, the interest in cars with better mileage was not. A recent study by the Good Housing Institute tested 11 models of cars head to head. Part of the minimum criteria was that the cars claimed […]

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Auto News | After 11 Week Decline, Gas Prices Rising

“Gas prices up after 11 weeks of drops” For the second week in a row, gas prices are continuing to climb after an 11 week trend of lowered pricing, at an average drop of just over a penny a day. In the Inland Empire, the average price is $2.415, up 2.8 cents from last week, […]

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Auto Warranties | Tips to Help You Buy

Knowing what you’re getting beforehand will prevent you from buying a cheap but useless warranty. When you’re shopping for an extended auto warranty, particularly on a used car, buying based on price or mileage alone may seem like it saves you money in the short run. The truth is, all the factors of purchasing warranty […]

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