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Fixing A Flat Tire

It’s the moment that every motorists dreads, a flat tire.  You don’t know if you ran over glass or hit a nail, but you need to take action.  You may need to call for road service, and then you have to have the tire fixed or do it yourself.  Surprisingly, it isn’t that hard to […]

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Stronger Cars Are Reducing Fatalities

Automakers have been redesigning vehicles so that they are stronger than ever.  They have achieved this by using lightweight materials, allowing cars to be more fuel-efficient. This technology makes vehicles more durable, cutting down on road service calls.  Also, it is saving numerous lives. The only disadvantage to these new, stronger materials is that rescue […]

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SUV Drivers May Find Themselves Feeling A False Sense Of Security

Often, drivers who have a big SUV feel a false sense of security.  People feel that just because they are in a large vehicle nothing can happen to them. Yet, the truth is that SUVs are much more likely to roll in an accident than other cars.  And approximately 35% of fatalities in car accidents […]

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Satellite Navigation Devices Have Good And Bad Effects

Satellite navigation devices, or the popular GPS interfaces that many motorists have in their vehicles, are, partly responsible for a large share of accidents and driving practices that are risky. With about half of the motorists on the roads having access to devices such as these in their vehicles, it appears that this technology has […]

Making Your Car’s Exterior Look The Best It Can

Many people maintain their car under the hood but neglect their car’s exterior.  To freshen up your car and make it look brand new, follow these simple tips. To care for your car’s exterior start by giving it a comprehensive washing.  You’ll want to remove all of the mud and grime that has built up […]

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Why People Are In Love With The Toyota Prius

The Prius has become one of the hottest vehicles in the country.  This is actually quite amazing because this is a hybrid electric vehicle, which requires people to embrace change. With any change, people like to protect themselves.  Many people feel better purchasing a hybrid if they have an auto warranty to go along with […]

Popular Compact SUVs

If you’re thinking of buying a small SUV you’re in luck because there are many good choices.  Compact SUVs offer practicality, fuel-efficiency, and nice style.  In fact you can find many models for under $25,000 complete with an auto warranty.  So what are the best and worst models to consider?  Read on. The Honda CR-V […]

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Shopping For A Handicap-Accessible Vehicle

It can be quite a challenge to find a handicap-accessible vehicle to suit your needs.  Also, it can be nearly impossible to sort through newspapers and services online.  This is why Rick Shutes started  He wanted to help people who are disabled to find suitable vehicles. is great for buyers and sellers.  People […]

Knowing When It Is Time To Replace Shocks And Struts

Probably at one time or another you have been told that you need new shocks and (or) struts.  After being quoted a large price, you might find yourself thinking, “Can I get away without replacing them? Your shocks and struts serve two functions in your car.  Some vehicles only have struts, and some only have […]

What Are Women Looking For In A Car?

If you ask a woman if she would like to buy a Dodge Viper, chances are she will say “no”.  This car is a V-10 two seater that starts at approximately $80,000.  Although this may not be a woman’s cup of tea, studies show that many men would like to have this car.  Like many […]

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