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Detroit automakers feel pain of gas prices

Ford, GM, and Chrysler are stuck with SUVs Oh, if only they had looked ahead. Half a decade ago, the sport-utility craze was in full force. The three large automakers based in Detroit were reeling with delight, while their strategists were planning ahead for new and better SUVs and heavy-duty pickup trucks. With Japanese automakers […]

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Performing a Warranty Inspection

Reassuring the Reliablility of Your Auto Warranty The last difficulty you desire after making an investment like that of an automobile is a warranty that doesn’t cover your original expectation. If vehicle buyers find it necessary to have an inspection performed on the vehicle prior to dropping the sum or filing a loan, then consider […]

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Ford extends powertrain warranties

All 2007 models will receive new warranty program Ford Motor Company is increasing its powertrain warranty on 2007 models. The Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands will be affected by this upgrade. The Ford and Mercury brands will get an increase from a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty (which remains the bumper-to-bumper coverage) to five-year, 60,000-mile powertrain coverage. […]

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Alliance Rumors shake the auto world

Looks like GM and Toyota Will not work together Last week a story broke about a hopeful alliance between Toyota and GM. The alliance would combat the Nissan-GM-Renault deal. However, Toyota has now denied all reports of the GM partnership. Toyota and GM have already been working together in a "partnership" for a few years. […]

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Nissan Reaches Out To Online Audience

Automaker sponsors “Star Tomorrow” on The title sponsor for’s ‘Star Tomorrow’ is Nissan.  The automaker has chosen to sponsor an online battle of the bands that ends when the winner gets a record label contract. The sprawling NBC-Nissan deal covers branded integration, exposure throughout the competition’s Web site, a sweepstakes sponsorship, and placement […]

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Valvoline Finds What They’re Looking For…

Mechanics Still Assert 3,000 mile interval oil change is good How long do you go without changing your oil? My father grounded me every time I went over 3,000 miles in my car without changing the oil. Every time I came home from college, he would check the mileage and oil of my car to […]

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Delphi Struggles

Delphi’s future looks bleak Sometimes in the auto world and in the business world, bad news is always delayed and that happens to be the case with Delphi Corp.  Delphi has been delaying their annual report for months, however, when the report finally dropped Tuesday, their total loss for 2005 was 4.8 billion. That’s a […]

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China’s Auto Industry is Booming

Key American Auto Makers are feeding China’s hunger for cars. While the American auto industry is struggling to stay alive, China’s  auto sales have risen 50 percent for this year. And guess who’s taking the lead for most cars sold in china. You’re  wrong, it’s not who you think. General Motors is actually selling the […]

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Ethanol is Going Mainstream

Police Department begins using Ethanol In Illinois the Morris Police Department will be introducing a new fuel flex car to their squad. The Morris Police Department is getting a Dodge Durango that uses E85, which is 85% ethanol. This is a major step for the Morris Department, and they’re excited about the new technology. The […]

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Ford’s Riding The Hybrid Wave

Ford is investing in hybrid tech, now that’s a suprise Ford Plans to invest $1 Billion into hybrid technology. Since Ford has abandoned their promise to have 250,000 hybrids by 2010, they’re now trying to show they still care about hybrids. Ford plans to build a center for developing new fuel efficient or hybrid cars […]

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