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Auto Warranty: Ford Uses Hybrid Innovation for Advancement in Industry

Energy Efficient Technology the Key to Automakers’ Future Ford Motor Companies are betting on hybrid technology to take their vehicle sales out of a slump and into the energy-efficient-car-making revolution of tomorrow. The new Ford Edge was showcased at the Washington D.C. auto show in January as an example of Ford’s advancement. Ford finds the […]

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Auto Warranty: Higher Gas Prices Can’t Lower SUV Sales Reports SUV and Crossover Models are Still In Demand’s bet is in favor of a good year of sales for SUV and Crossover car models over the next year. Many automobile industry leaders were assuming the opposite in practical application of higher gas prices and the reputation of SUV style vehicles to be […]

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Auto Warranty: GM of Canada Boasts Saturn Aura’s Multiple Awards

2007 Saturn Aura Sedan Repeatedly Beats Competition The 2007 Saturn Aura is continually proving is top position in competition against other midsized sedans. It is being recognized as the “2007 Car of the Year” by Motoring Television, “Driver’s Choice Award for the Best New Family Sedan” by MotorWeek, the “North American Car of the Year” […]

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Auto Warranty: Report from CSI/ States U.S. is Deficient in Fuel Efficiency

Automakers Not Making Fuel Efficient Vehicles Available in U.S. A disturbing statement released from CSI/ says that their latest research study is showing that while automakers continue to come out with vehicles that boast the increased standards for fuel efficiency, these models are simply not available in U.S. territory. American consumers are feeling gypped, and […]

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Auto Warranty: Crossover Models Offer Transportation with Class

A Look at Several Crossovers for ’07, ’08 Soccer moms around the country are trading in the standard family taxi – the minivan – for a much improved crossover style that is highly popular in suburbia and, unlike the minivan, envied by highway observers. The auto world hasn’t quite narrowed down a standard title for the […]

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Auto Warranty: Price Hiking Only at the Gas Pump?

Automobile Affordability Continues to Decline The state of automobile manufacturing and automobile buying trends is more tedious than ever as gasoline prices fluctuate between all-time highs and still-too-steep averages and automakers strive to make up for a recent decline in consumer respect and demand by jacking up prices on every car lot. The public’s basic […]

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Auto Warranty News: The Best and Worst in Gas Mileage

Consumer Reports’ Ratings of Fuel Efficiency If you’re on the hunt for a new vehicle, this is an article you need to read. Consumer Reports has released its 2007 take on the best and worst vehicles in their class for fuel economy. Drivers know there’s no guarantee about gas prices and when it comes to […]

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Auto Warranty News: Ford Escapes to 2008

The Newest Ford Escape Model Ford is beginning its publicity launch for the newest Escape compact utility vehicle. Don’t be surprised if the 2008 Escape is even more reminiscent of its brothers the Ford Explorer and Ford Expedition. It’s style is closer to the two than before. The interior of the Escape promises drivers and […]

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Auto Warranty News: Xebra Power the Environmental Alternative to Horsepower?

The Chicago Auto Show debuts ZAP Electric XEBRA Automotive industry leaders are not in question over the emissions efficiency of electric cars, but they are scratching heads over the suggested terminology for electric vehicles such as the ZAP XEBRA. The XEBRA is being debuted at the Chicago Auto Show this upcoming week, innovated by automaker […]

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Auto Warranty News: Toyota Produces Most Powerful Engine Yet

The 5.7 V8 Engine Has Arrived at Toyota’s Alabama Location Toyota produces its most powerful pick-up truck, the new 5.7 V8 Tundra from its Alabama plant today. The Sequoia SUV will also receive the same upgraded, more powerful engine at Toyota’s Indiana plant. Toyota hopes consumers will widely appreciate the most powerful engine the company […]

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