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Used Car Sales Are Falling

The automotive industry has seen the largest drop in used car sales in almost a decade.  Industry monitors report that in the third quarter of 2007 alone sales dropped by over 3 percent.  Sales of later model cars that are three years old or less have dropped off the most, losing almost 10 percent of […]

Auto Warranty Solutions Aren’t Always Easy

Contrary to huge investments in technology to reduce auto warranty costs and improve quality, auto warranty cost reduction has been quite elusive for many vehicle manufacturers. One of the problems is that specific identification of the troublesome parts and less than desirable suppliers is a difficult and time consuming costly process. Automobile production, sales, and […]

Warranty Industry Associations Come Of Age

Until very recently nobody believed the auto warranty industry could support a trade association.  But a warranty seminar was held in Detroit and sold out so people will take notice. So who can host a workshop for warranty pros?  The notion of an industry association for auto warranty professionals seems as unlikely as, say, the […]

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Insist On Road Service With Your Auto Warranty

Road service refers to assistance extended by auto warranty providers to vehicle owners at times of distress.  It is not obligatory that a road service plan be included with new car warranties or used car warranties.  They are however, important and assist customers in distress, especially when they are stranded on motorways when their vehicle breaks down. Normally, […]

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Auto Warranties Add Value

If you intend to sell your vehicle at some point you should consider purchasing on of the many used car warranties available to you.  Even if you are only considering a sale, automobile warranty can protect you while you still own the car and will add considerable value to the new owner. You will be […]

Tesla- Possibly A Future Leader

Automotive performance and sporty looks are brought together without the need for gasoline. Tesla, based in San Carlos California is trying to reshape the automobile industry.  They recently introduced the Tesla Roadster, and hot looking, future thinking, all-electric sports car. That’s right, it’s a sports car. It is an open topped rear wheel drive and […]

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Will Your Hybrid Car Last?

Sure, you want to be environmentally friendly and don’t want to put any more money than you need to into the pockets of the fat cat executives of the oil industry.  But is purchasing a new hybrid vehicle a good way of going about it.  I believe the answer is yes.  The demand for hybrids […]

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Auto Industry Trouble on the Horizon

There’s no arguing that 2008 will probably be a rough year for the automotive industry.  The fuel crisis, numerous recalls, and a tough economy will have vehicle manufacturers struggling to stay in the black.  It will be interesting to watch what makes and models can survive the industry wide lack of sales and keep their […]

The Ins & Outs of Program Cars

Many auto dealers offer vehicles they call “program cars” in addition to the new and used cars a consumer would be traditionally familiar with.  These program cars are sometimes an excellent bargain as they are generally near new with low miles and have some manufacturer’s auto warranty remaining.   One of the problems I find […]

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Is It Time For Me To Buy A New Car Yet?

I may envy my friends a little as they are all driving beautiful new cars, but I don’t envy their high monthly payments.  After many years of carting with my family around, the interior of my Explorer may not be much to look at, but mechanically it is still fairly sound.  Rather then taking on […]

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