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People spend a large amount every year on their car warranties. The recent studies show that the estimated amount spent on the warranties is around $28.1 billion. The OEM sector of worldwide spends approximately 3.4 times that of the OEM sector of US. There has been a slender augment in the warranty claims in the […]

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Car owner’s economical situation

Personal finance is the single most important thing any adult has to deal with in life. Being financially responsible will save people from getting into unnecessary debt. Knowing how much a person has and what they can spend ensures them that if they want to something, that they need to save for it. Being financially […]

Secure your car with extended car warranties!!!

The quality and reputation of an extended warranty company has a major role in getting our car insured. Generally, the two main parties who undertake the responsibility for extended car warranties are the insurance companies and the Risk Retention Groups (RRG). It is always advisable to do a little bit of research about the company, […]

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