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Archive for June 6th, 2007

“Save” Money From Car Repair

As many there are reason not to buy an extended car warranty there are also as many as reason to buy one, for one there are always a chance of your car breaking down . Even if your car has a reputation to be dependable, you’re never certain when it can have problem. You may […]

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Discontinued Car Parts – A Real Consumer Abuse

A 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII silver coupe with 66,000 miles on its odometer has been parked since winter because the owner – Ted Field Sr.’s – couldn’t find a replacement for a part called variable load control module. This module controls the fuel pump and the cooling fan, for Field’s case the control for the […]

Best Deal In Buying A Car

Picture this, you’ve decided, picked, and negotiated with a salesman for the car of your dreams. Now you are thinking of closing the deal since you think that you are going to get the car on a bargain. Wanting to close the deal as soon as possible you follow the salesman to an office where […]

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