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Archive for June 18th, 2007

Manufacturer’s Warranty vs. Aftermarket Auto Warranty

  If you have recently purchased a vehicle, you may have been faced with the question of purchasing an extended warranty.  Whether or not you need an extended warranty would depend heavily on the intended purpose for which you have purchased the vehicle.  Basically, an extended warranty is a service contract that agrees to cover […]

Is a used car warranty worth the hassle?

Most people who invest in used cars do so because they cannot afford the short-term costs of a new car.  But most often overlooked when buying a used car are the long-term costs associated with the maintenance of the vehicle. Consider carefully your options when shopping for a new and used car, and pay special […]

Consider also your new car warranty!

When you purchase a new vehicle you need to be sure that you are getting top of the line new car warranty to go with it.  A new car warranty covers and protects you from any manufacturer’s flaws or defects, and eases the financial burden of any unforeseen incidents, which can happen to your new […]

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