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A mandatory practice


Auto warranty reviews refer to a mandatory practice that has to be carried out by every car owner before purchasing the auto warranty. This exercise helps the car owners choose what is best for them. 

Before taking delivery of the car from the dealer, ask for at least four offers of auto warranty packages. The four offers will be of different price ranges and varied benefits. There are usually three categories of auto warranty depending on the time period and mileage covered by the vehicle. The period ranges between three months and three years. In terms of mileage, the period ranges between one thousand mile and three thousand miles. Evaluate the offer carefully before selecting the warranty package. 

If you find it difficult to review or select the auto warranty, employ the services of a consultant. The consultant will review the auto warranty packages and select an ideal package for the car owner. 

Also, there are publications that publish reviews of auto warranties. The publications are available at all car dealers. Insist for the review publications before selecting the package. The publications contain reviews of all auto warranties offered by various firms. Read each review carefully before taking a call on the package.

Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2007 at 1:17 pm In Aftermarket Auto Warranty  

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