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Buy the best warranty

  Warranty refers to free maintenance service rendered by the car dealer up to a prescribed period from the date of sale. The warranty period could range between three months and three years depending on the choice of car owner. The duration of the warranty can also be decided on the basis of the miles […]

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Know the rules

    Warranty means an undertaken executed by the car dealer to repair and maintain a vehicle for a particular period from the date of sale of the vehicle. The warranty can vary between three months and three years or based on the miles covered by the car. This period of warranty can be chosen […]

Know lemon law

Warranty is a service rendered by the vehicle dealer in association with a local firm towards the maintenance of the car or any vehicle. Usually, a warranty is considered as the life insurance of a vehicle. What the warranty basically does is takes care of the repair and maintenance costs of the vehicle for a […]

Choose the best auto warranty

Auto warranty refers to a particular service offered by a dealer to the car owner for a period of time from the date of sale of the vehicle. A warranty generally takes care of the cost of maintenance of a vehicle in case it suffers a breakdown. The auto warranty is issued by the vehicle […]

Review before selection

Auto warranty reviews refer to the exercise undertaken by the vehicle owner before choosing an appropriate auto warranty package. Auto warranty reviews are also undertaken by the vehicle owners at the time of purchasing a used car or when the original warranty expires. Auto warranty reviews is a necessary exercise since it eliminates multiple risks. […]

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How to make the best of your new car warranty

    A new car warranty should be sufficient enough to cover a new car from any unexpected failures or breakdowns that may occur in the first few years of ownership.  Most people go on to purchase extended warranties for their new vehicles, but this is often unnecessary unless you cover a lot of mileage […]

Is the aftermarket auto warranty right for you?

    Aftermarket Auto Warranty is a useful service contract to have regardless of if you recently purchased a new vehicle or a used vehicle.  It is a warranty contract that offers you additional coverage on an existing policy.    For new cars, it provides coverage beyond the time frame covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.  […]

Useful tips about obtaining a used car warranty

    A used car warranty can be quite a tricky piece of paper to get.  Among others, you must be aware of the status of any former warranties, the time frame validity on these warranties, and the coverage of the warranty that you are getting.   I for one know firsthand the problems that […]

Maintaining both your new car and your new car warranty

  As a private auto repair technician, I have noticed time and time again that most people who buy new cars are unaware of the limitations and specifications of their new car warranties.  I am continuously being referred to people with new cars who require service maintenance, oil changes, battery recharges or any other assistance […]

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full or limited warranty service?

  Most times, an individual who purchases a used car doesn’t pay much attention to the details of his used car warranty.  But in fact, used car warranties can be either full warranties or limited warranties, which cover on specified parts of the used car.  It is often to find that the coverage for limited […]

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