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Archive for April 13th, 2008

How Much Does Your Car Cost To Own?

Most people don’t realize that a less-expensive vehicle can end up costing you more over time than a more-expensive vehicle. For example, a Mitsubishi Lancer costs approximately $17,500.  This is $5,000 less than the sticker price of a Mini Cooper Clubman.  However, when you factor in ownership costs of each vehicle, the Mitsubishi Lancer will […]

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Where You Can Purchase A Pre-Owned Vehicle

These days there are many different places to purchase a used vehicle.  You can search the Internet from your own home, go to a car dealer, or go through a private owner.  Each of these is a good option if you do your homework. If you want to car shop from the convenience of your […]

What Is Your Car Telling People?

Did you know that your car is talking?  That’s right, your car is saying a great deal about your personality and attitude.  It’s true we are what we drive.  Car enthusiasts even admit that our vehicles are a window into our souls. Carmakers admit that minivan sales have declined partly due to the fact that […]

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