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A Safer Sixteen – Auto Case Studies

Driving laws encourage safe teen drivers. Drew Eggleston is anxious to get his license. In a week, the 16-year-old will take his driving test. But like teens all over the state, he won’t be driving his friends anytime soon. Teenagers all across the country this year will turn 16 with the anticipation of "freedom" and […]

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Microbes in Your Car

A better ethanol In the past ten years, biotechnology has become a very popular concept. The prominence of biotechnology stems from public concern about our unhealthy addiction on fossil fuels. Cars and SUVs today consume a great deal of gasoline and automakers have come to realize consumers are in the market for energy-efficient vehicles. Alternatives […]

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Auto Sales Complaints Skyrocket

Protect Yourself With An Auto Warranty Complaints from the Attorney General’s office of the state of New Mexico are topped by consumer Auto Sales complaints: 1. Auto Sales (491 complaints) In 2005, as in previous years, consumers filed the most complaints about contract disputes in automobile purchases. Consumers filed complaints involving items being added onto […]

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Hybrid Benefits?

The US government is giving benefits to hybrid car drivers If beautiful aesthetics, clean design, and lower gas prices aren’t enough, the US Government is resorting to bribery to encourage hybrid use. In the United States, Prius drivers can use a carpool lane in some places even when no one else is in the car. […]

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Onstar Upgrades – Auto GPS Now Real-Time

Drivers now can make trips with real-time directions Fold up the maps and just press the blue button Everyone has heard about the onboard communicator known as "Onstar". Onstar has been a helping hand in saving thousands of people’s lives and is now making road trips even more comfortable and convenient. Onstar now offers real […]

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Google Bans BMW For Shady SEO Work

The Luxury Automaker Is Feeling the Pain of No Search Traffic BMW was banned from Google’s index for shady search engine optimization work after the Super Bowl on Sunday. The car manufacturer created a page, stuffed it with keywords, and had it redirect to another page that was significantly different than the page the searcher […]

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Are Hydrogen-Powered Cars in Our Future?

You might think it sounds unrealistic, but cars run on alternative fuel sources are getting better every year With the surge is gas prices, you might wonder why we aren’t seeing more on alternative fuel options.  While cars are being built to test and expand this market, there is a resounding lack of news coverage […]

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Could A Hyundai Be In Your Future?

Great reviews and plenty of headroom speak highly of Hyundai’s new Azera It’s never easy to know which car may be the absolute *best* one for you and your family. The new Hyundai Azera is one you should give a second look. The Azera also comes with Hyundai’s industry-leading warranty coverage that includes a limited […]

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