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Ford’s self proclamation of success

Ford stresses that they’re really going to make their goal

Just yesterday I talked about how analysts did not believe Ford was going to make their 2008 goal of being a profitable company. Well, I think analysts still believe Ford will not make it, but Mark Fields, Ford’s president of Americas, believes they’re right on track.

He admits that they’re behind in some areas, but in other areas, he claims, Ford is way ahead of the game. So, that, in his mind, puts Ford in an “ok” position.  

Like I said before, analysts still don’t believe Ford will make that goal. They say this because a weak inventory of new vehicles and a weary product strategy.

Ford has a lot of work to do. They’re supposed to be “innovation” driven, but it seems they’re still relying on large SUVs and trucks to keep them afloat. The buoyancy of their business is dependant upon a style of car that is becoming too expensive to drive and frowned on because of environmental issues.

Maybe Ford will stop trying to be “innovative” in their eyes and really become innovative. They’ve become innovative to their own definition, but I think their definition could be a tad off.

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Posted on Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 at 5:01 am In Auto Warranty  

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