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Auto News | BMW’s Hydrogen 7 Available for Selective Lease in 2007

Launch of first luxury hydrogen hybrid with limited leasing starting in March.

Powered by liquid hydrogen that is stored in a vacuum-sealed tank, the engine delivers a whopping 300bhp, yet the emission escaping through the exhaust pipe is mainly pure water vapour.

Unlike rival hydrogen models in the making, which use fuel cells, the BMW Hydrogen 7 is kitted out with a conventional combustion engine that can also run on petrol.

This makes it possible to use it as an everyday car, which is why BMW has announced plans to put hydrogen powered cars into production, months or years ahead of its competitors.

BMW’s upcoming Hydrogen 7 can run on either gasoline or liquid hydrogen, a feature that makes it convenient for use in the typical motorist’s life - at least those who can afford its price tag. Available for lease to a select few this coming March, this vehicle has already had its share of mixed reviews for its apparent list of shortcomings.

However, it is still being hailed as an innovation, months or even years ahead of its competition as a viable, green-conscious alternative to cars that run only on gas, and a welcome addition to the hybrids available on the market, particularly as a luxury vehicle. Much of the coverage that has appeared about the new offering from BMW, as in the quote from the same article above, aren’t shy about pointing out the pitfalls, yet, at the same time, it’s being called a car that has the potential to "save the world".

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