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Midsized SUVs to get the Boot

Ford and GM look to crossover vehicles
Detroit’s automakers, Ford and GM, will be cutting back their midsized SUV’s, and in some cases, popular mid-sized SUVs will be cancelled completely. In fact, the infamous Trailblazer will be axed by 2010. In 2009 GM was going to give the trailblazer a remake, however, it seems it will […]

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Are you going on vacation this summer?

We can give you peace of mind
Are you going on vacation this summer?
If so, you may want to get an extended warranty. If you have a new or used car, which covers about everything, you need to make sure your warranty is up to date. You can get a quote from us with no […]

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Auto Warranties

What we’re about
An auto warranty is a guarantee that we’ll take care of your car if anything goes wrong with it. We provide an extensive amount of warranty programs for you to choose from. For example, we offer a powertrain warranty, which include most engine parts. The parts you usually don’t see from day […]

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