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Archive for January 22nd, 2007

Auto Warranty News : Mitsubishi Launches Flexible Fuel Vehicle into Automotive Markets

Automobile Innovation Joined by Mitsubishi FFV
Look for Mitsubishi to provide another entry into the automobile industry trend toward fuel efficiency in Brazil in 2007 and the United States by 2009. The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) is capable of being powered by gasoline, ethanol, or a mix of both, reducing hazardous emissions while […]

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Auto Warranty News | BMW Motorrad Unofficially Best Selling Motorbike

Sales surge late in the year may have put the Motorrad over the edge.
BMW may have claimed honors for best selling motorcycle of 2006, but so far the numbers are unofficial. The current unofficial benchmark is that it has surprassed last year’s sales record of its nearest competitor by a comfortable margin.
Combined UK sales […]

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