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Archive for April 17th, 2007

Used Car Warranties

The market for used cars is huge and is growing day by day. Like all second hand products, cars also require warranties to safeguard against unforeseen events. But in the case of used cars, the warranties are not dealt properly. There can be some unscrupulous deals that can takes place in the used car market. […]

News for your Car

Whether you own a used car or a new one, you cannot do without warranty. The place where can you get the latest up-to-date information about such warranties, other than Auto Warranty News.
Auto Warranty News helps people like you identify and select the best warranty for your car. It keeps you updated on the latest […]

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The Automotive Aftermarket and Your Vehicle

Any car that you purchase from a dealer has warranty tenure for a limited period of time. This warranty from the primary company will quite likely cover the repair cost of your car, replacement part or any additional product purchase. As the owner of the car you have every right to purchase an extended warranty […]

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Best way to choose an extended warranty

Most of the new cars are provided with limited warranty that expires after a fixed period of time or after a predetermined number of miles. For example an auto dealer can provide limited warranty on a vehicle for 5 to 7 years or 50,000 miles which ever comes first.
Once this limited warranty expires, then the […]

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Auto warranty tips that can help

Auto warranties are not something that you should niavely buy on impulse while you’re at the at the car dealer. You must do research of the contract and understand  the terms and conditions of the warranty before signing up the papers. Many a times customers figure out that their warranty isn’t as good as they […]

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Drive your car safely

A brand new car that is bought from the dealer is covered by the factory warranty. This factory warranty covers the damages or small repairs that are needed by your vehicle within the warranty period. The factory warranty covers your vehicle for a limited time or a predetermined amount of months or years or within […]

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