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Archive for July 27th, 2007

Common misconceptions associated with the used car warranty

Many people, especially the more inexperienced ones, often tend to misinterpret the used car warranty as being the equivalent of the extended warranty.   
This is primarily because many used cars are not able to qualify directly for the used car warranty, and thus the owners settle for an extended warranty (a warranty which supplements or replaces […]

Benefiting with the new car warranty

The new car warranty is one of the most secure warranties that any vehicle owner can get with his vehicle purchase.   
It is a coverage assured to the owner of a new vehicle by the vehicle manufacturers themselves.  They are in effect guaranteeing against any faults or defects which may go wrong with the new […]

Uses and applications of the aftermarket auto warranty

The popularity of the aftermarket auto warranty has grown mainly because of more and more people are buying used cars which do not come with a warranty. The aftermarket auto warranty, also known as the extended auto warranty, is a type of contract service (you pay for this warranty coverage as opposed to any other type […]

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