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Lifeline of the car

Car warranty refers to repair and maintenance of the vehicle, for a period of time from the date of sale, undertaken by the auto dealer in association with a third party vendor. It basically covers the cost of repair and maintenance of the car. However, it does not cover the replacement of expensive spare parts […]

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Buy the best warranty

Auto warranty refers to an agreement executed by a vehicle dealer with the support of a third party vendor to repair and maintain a vehicle for a specified period of time from the date of sale. An auto warranty covers repairs and maintenance cost of vehicles covering the power train, drive train, steering mechanism, power […]

Used car Warranty- essentials of the warranty

When you purchase a used car, the dealer offers you a warranty for your car. You have to see to it that the warranty is not more expensive than what other companies offer. In case there are other companies and dealers who are offering better deals for your used car you […]

Aftermarket Auto Warranty - a must for all cars

When one purchases a brand new car, one gets a fresh new car warranty. This is a warranty which is provided by the manufacturer of the car ensuring good quality and after sale service of the warranted parts and fixtures. However after a certain period this warranty expires. The warranty that […]

New car warranty, a mark of quality

When you buy a new car the manufacturer gives you a warranty for various parts of the cars. The new car warranty covers 3 years or 36,000 miles whichever is earlier. By giving the warranty the manufacturer guarantees that you do not have to shell money out of your pocket on the […]

Responsible information about used car warranties

When purchasing a used car, it is often quite easy to overlook the importance of the used car warranty.  This is because a lot of people are under the impression that only brand new cars are entitled to warranties, so they do not ask questions and the persons or dealers selling the […]

New car warranty coverage for the used car?

The new car warranty, also commonly referred to as the manufacturer’s warranty, is a warranty that provides repair and/ or maintenance coverage for a new vehicle. A new vehicle is clearly defined as one which has not been driven prior to its purchase.
Sometimes it is possible to get a new […]

A warranty like no other – the aftermarket auto warranty

The aftermarket auto warranty, as its name suggests, is a type of warranty that can work on both the new car as well as the used car (aftermarket is generally taken to mean that one fits all).  This is highly unlike any other warranty which is often specific to the […]

Age taboos and its relation to the used car warranty

A used car warranty is the warranty which provides coverage for auto vehicles that are considered used.  Many people think of a used car as being one which is battered and old and has passed from owner to owner in an attempt to find a resting home, but a used car […]

Take your time; ask questions; do not regret later – the new car warranty

The new car warranty is one of the most convenient assets that the new car owner, especially the first time car owner, could ever have.  It is designed to assist the new car owner with repairs and maintenance of the new car – a big help especially to the first time […]

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