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Archive for August 4th, 2007

After Market Auto Warranty

Most of the manufacturers of a vehicle offer a warranty when the vehicle is purchased. But the warranty is only for a limited period of time or a limited mileage distance. After the manufacturers warranty expires all the repairing and unexpected breakdown costs have to be borne by the buyer of the vehicle. Many have […]

Used Cars warranty

Car warranties are required to reduce the risks involved while using a used car. These car warranties are very helpful for getting the care repaired for free. Whenever a person buys a used car, some companies provide these warranties. The warranties can be claimed only when you have a specific problem, which is covered under […]

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What is Auto Warranty?

Any vehicle can have a breakdown anywhere and anytime. It can be a brand new car or a used one. It is simply impossible to be sure that the vehicle will not have a breakdown when you want it to be running smoothly. And with a breakdown there comes an unexpected usage of money. Then […]

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