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Archive for August 8th, 2007

How the aftermarket auto warranty could benefit you

I think the aftermarket auto warranty was an ingenious idea.  Imagine now that you do not have to settle for the warranty coverage your car dealer offers you with your vehicle purchase.  I could upgrade my warranty coverage, so to speak, by simply buying an aftermarket auto warranty with the […]

Saving money with the used car warranty


The used car warranty should definitely be among those important pieces of papers that should be carried at all times when driving.  You might wonder why I say this; after all, it is not as important as the car insurance.  Wrong – the used car warranty is in fact one of […]

New car warranty

Purchasing a new car is probably the biggest investment that any individual would make in his entire life after the purchase of a property. It is therefore a good idea for the person considering this purchase to review carefully the benefits associated with the deals offered by different dealers […]

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