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Archive for August 14th, 2007

How can the aftermarket auto warranty benefit you?

The aftermarket auto warranty is a very good piece of coverage to have.  Some may find that it would be of no immediate benefit to them, but others would agree that it is the best thing they could have ever done for themselves and their vehicles.

The aftermarket auto warranty is […]

How to make the most of your used car warranty

While the used car warranty may not be one of the most comprehensive type warranties around, and while it may only cover your car for selected repair jobs, you must agree that it is still a very beneficial asset to have.
Consider for example a situation without your used car warranty you […]

How can your new car warranty help you?

Are you in dismay because your new car has suddenly developed an engine problem only six months after purchasing it?  Or probably you have only just started to notice certain kinks in your new car that were not there a few months ago.  I agree that these are indeed good cause […]

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