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Archive for March 7th, 2008

Watch Out For Flood Damage When Purchasing A Used Car

There is nothing worse than purchasing a car and finding out that it has an ocean of problems, literally.
Why? The number of cars on the market in the last five years that have been damaged by flooding, hurricanes or rains has doubled. Certain states have actually reported an increase of six times more […]

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Poor Credit Won’t Keep You From Getting A Good Buy On A Car

Credit is a key factor when an auto shopper is trying to figure out how much they will pay for a car.  However, according to experts, people should look at various dealers to compare special financing deals.  This is as important as shopping around for a car type.
It is important to request a copy of […]

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Certified Pre-Owned Is a Great Option

Are you ready to make a step up from that old used car that you have been driving, but you can’t afford the high sticker price on a new car?
If you’re answering yes, there may be a desirable option for you.  Consider purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle.
The concept of the CPO market is very simple.  […]

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