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Archive for March 17th, 2008

Hybrid Vehicles Guzzle Water

Crude oil is currently $110 per barrel.  This is why electric and hybrid cars are in great need these days.  However, these cars also will come at a cost.  They will strain scarce resources for water, according to a new study.
Every mile that is driven using electricity consumes approximately three times the water than a […]

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What Makes Brakes Squeal?

Vibrations of the brake pads resulting in a high-pitched sound are what causes brake squeal.  The vibration happens when the pads aren’t insulated properly from the caliper.  The factory equips brake pads with clips, insulator shims, and even a backing made out of silicone that keeps the pad glued to the caliper.  This prevents vibrating.
Often […]

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The Nissan Navara’s Safety Rating Has Been Raised

The Nissan Navara’s safety rating has been raised in adult protection from one to three stars by Euro NCAP.
Nissan has changed the deployment of the airbag and the pre-tension systems of the seatbelt.  They have been retested since the original results were released last month.
The recent software controlling the seatbelt pre-tension systems and airbags is […]

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