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GMs New Lithium-ion Battery

Last week GM had a media introduction to its 2009 model line, in which Bob Lutz announced that the development of the new lithium-ion battery “is progressing nicely”. Lutz also said that GM had chosen a supplier, but hasn’t announced it yet. The lithium-ion battery technology is the key player of the electric […]

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BMW Is Offering 0.9% Financing

It’s time for BMW to clear out their 2008 models to make room for the new 2009s.  Believe it or not, BMW even has model-year-end sales, but they disguise it by using fancy expressions, such as 0.9% financing, in order to promote them.  Until September 2nd, most BMW models, except the M3, X6 and M5, […]

The 2008 Cadillac Escalade Is Big And Bright

Watch out for some bright lights as the 2008 Cadillac Escalade Platinum edition arrives in town. The newest version of this SUV is well equipped and quite lavish. This will be the first vehicle with LED headlights that is mainstream. Light emitting diode technology (LED) has many advantages to conventional car lights. […]

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