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Archive for June 26th, 2009

Considerations When Buying A Sports Car

Why buy a sports car?  Sports cars are not made to be practical, they are made to be fun.  They are available in various models, such as two-seat roadsters and hatchbacks.  Many models have relatively small cargo space, while others offer ample rear cargo room.  Here are some things to consider when deciding which car […]

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Why Your Thermostat Isn’t Performing Correctly

The purpose of the thermostat in your vehicle is to regulate the temperature of the vehicle so that it remains at a desired level.  To do this it controls the heating and cooling mechanisms and controls the flow of heat that goes throughout the system.  The thermostat manages the coolant amount in the internal combustion […]

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Crossovers Are More Popular Than Ever

Crossovers are becoming more and more popular with consumers.  These are essentially Sport-utility vehicles that are put on car platforms.  Crossovers give you the practicality of the minivan, with some of the capabilities of an SUV, all with a car’s efficiency. Consumers love their versatility, and there are many promising models to choose from.
The BMW […]

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