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What To Do When You Get A Speeding Ticket

There are millions of traffic tickets issued out every year in the U.S., which often cost over $100.  This is a billion dollar business in our country.  Paying the ticket through the mail is essentially admitting that you’re guilty.  Also, you will have the ticket on your record at the DMV for up to three […]

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Beware Of “Blow-Out” Sales

If a glossy flyer arrives in your mailbox from a car dealership in your area promoting a huge event for pre-owned car sales, beware.  Many of these events have contests, or “bonus” vouchers, which consumers are advised to take advantage of to get thousands of dollars off of the price of a pre-owned car.  One […]

What Is The Most Reliable American Carmaker?

The reliability ratings for Ford had a significant jump, which makes it the most reliable American carmaker, according to Consumer Reports, which just released its ratings. Other than a few of Ford’s pickup trucks, Ford’s reliability is comparable to that of the Japanese carmakers that are the best.
Other carmakers that received the highest ratings went […]

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