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Archive for February 12th, 2010

Hybrid-Certified Mechanics Needed For Hybrid Repairs

More motorists are deciding to switch to hybrid cars for better fuel-efficiency, however, just like any car; hybrids need common maintenance and occasional repairs.  A regular mechanic can do work that is routine, yet you will need hybrid-certified mechanics for jobs that are more extensive.
According to a Toyota service director in Tampa, hybrid work at […]

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Savvy Car Shoppers Turn To Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Some people think of used cars as being dirty, junky and old.  But a different market is making savvy buyers who are looking for updated vehicles pay attention.  The bonus is that these cars don’t have the sticker price of new cars.
Certified pre-owned cars have undergone rigid inspections and been refurbished by their manufacturer.  Also […]

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Can A Car Help Curb Road Rage?

One way to improve our world would be to alleviate road rage.  Everyone has gotten angry with another driver after being cut off. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had cars that helped curb road rage?  Well, those vehicles have arrived.
Toyota’s RIN has friendliness in mind.  It has wide, deep windows that allow the […]

Not All Cars Handle Well In Rain

There’s nothing worse than planning a trip and waking up to find violent, heavy rains pouring down out of the sky.  There are two things you need in this situation, an auto warranty and a reliable car.  Do you have a vehicle that is ready for driving in this situation?  In this situation it is […]

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