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Archive for February 18th, 2010

Finding A Car That Will Suit Your Needs

Many people struggle to decide what kind of car to buy.  It can be difficult to sort through all of the vehicle options to arrive at the car that best suits you.  Here are some important factors to consider that will help you make the right decision when purchasing a car.
First of all, decide what […]

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Hybrids May Pose A Serious Risk For Firefighters

Upon arrival of an accident scene, firefighters may not realize the high-voltage electrical system in a Toyota hybrid is on because of the silence of the electric motor.
According to Toyota regional service training specialist John Durso, people wouldn’t realize that a car is a hybrid unless they were told.  Many people would just assume that […]

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Used Car “Blow-Out” Sales Should Make Shoppers Weary

If a glossy flyer arrives in your mailbox from a car dealership in your area promoting a huge event for pre-owned car sales, beware.  Many of these events have contests, or “bonus” vouchers, which consumers are advised to take advantage of to get thousands of dollars off of the price of a pre-owned car.  One […]

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