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Archive for February 27th, 2010

A CARFAX Report Is Comprehensive

If you’re purchasing a pre-owned car you need to find out as much history as possible about it.  The car may have problems that are not apparent from a visual inspection or a test drive.
A car history report is a good way to find out what you’re getting.  This is a report prepared by a […]

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What Does Your Fuel Pump Do?

Cars need fuel pumps because the gas tank is on the opposite side of the car than the engine.  The purpose of the fuel pump is to bring the fuel to the engine.
Fuel pumps come in two varieties.  Vehicles that have electronic fuel injection systems use electrical fuel pumps.  Carbureted vehicles have mechanical fuel pumps.
The […]

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Now It’s Easy To Fill Up A Ford

The majority of Ford’s models are not only equipped with new car warranties, and numerous safety features, they come with a gas-cap-less fuel tank.  Ford is referring to this as “EasyFuel,” which shouldn’t be confused with “FlexFuel”, which is when a car can use E85.  However, if you get the two mixed up, cars with […]

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