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Archive for May 12th, 2010

Odometer Fraud Is More Prevalent Than People Think

Used car buyers need to be aware of a common scam; odometer fraud.  This is the act of rolling back the odometer on a car.  This deceives buyers into thinking that a vehicle has fewer miles than it really does.  It is estimated that this crime leads to sales of around 450,000 vehicles every year.  […]

A Search Engine To Find Cars

Consumers are looking to the Internet to purchase cars, an auto warranty, as well as auto loans.  Now, there is a whole new level for vehicle searching because of the search engine, Autoopia,  Just like Google revolutionized how people perform general searches, Autoopia has revolutionized how people search for vehicles.  This search engine uses […]

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Determining A Budget For A New Car

It is helpful to use a car loan calculator to determine what the cost for a new or used car purchase will be monthly.
These can be found online with options for buying or leasing.  This is a helpful tool in determining what your budget actually is and how much car you can afford.  Just remember […]

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