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Archive for May 13th, 2010

Knowing The Different Four Wheel Drive Systems

These days many vehicles are being offered with 4WD systems.  It can be difficult for consumers wanting to purchase a car with 4WD to distinguish between the different systems.  There is Part Time 4WD, Full Time 4WD and permanent 4WD.  So, what’s the difference?
The most basic of the 4WD systems is Part Time.  This allows […]

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A Car’s Interior Will Tell You A Lot

Buying a pre-owned car is a good way to get a good car for less money.  However, when most people go car shopping they inspect the outside thoroughly, but forget to inspect the interior.  Here are some things to look for.
Notice the smell of the interior.  If you detect mold, must or mildew, there is […]

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Does Your Car Have Water Damage?

There is nothing worse that purchasing a car and finding out that it has an ocean of problems, literally.
Why?  The number of cars on the market in the last five years that have been damaged by flooding, hurricanes or rains has doubled.  Certain states have actually reported an increase of six times more than the […]

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