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Archive for May 25th, 2010

Car Or Truck Based SUVs?

You can get SUVs in a large variety of sizes and prices.  They give you more versatility than any other kind of vehicle.  They allow different options for carrying cargo, will hold up to eight people, and allow people to be higher up off of the road.  Also, they can handle off-road terrain.  SUVs come […]

Finding The Right Pickup Truck

Why would someone want to buy a pickup?  They offer the most flexibility in carrying cargo.  In addition, pickups have large payload facilities and the ability to tow.  Trucks with four door cabs allow seating for five, which makes them a good family vehicle.  In addition to an auto warranty, what other considerations do you […]

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Is It Possible To Wiggle Out Of A Speeding Ticket?

There are millions of traffic tickets issued out every year in the U.S., which often cost over $100.  This is a billion dollar business in our country.  Paying the ticket through the mail is essentially admitting that you’re guilty.  Also, you will have the ticket on your record at the DMV for up to three […]

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