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Archive for June 5th, 2010

What Are The Priorities For Car Shoppers?

In this struggling economy, automakers can’t count on slick styling and big engines alone to lure buyers.  Consumers have changed their tastes: appearance and performance are still a priority, but value, gas mileage and practicality are becoming more important than every, according to experts.  In fact, more motorists are signing up for new car warranties […]

Arranging For Used Car Loans

Nowadays, it is a necessity to have a vehicle.  Yet, everyone is not capable of purchasing a new car.  Buying a used car is a great option in this instance, but sometimes it can be complex to arrange for funds.  Used vehicle auto loans are a good answer to this problem.
The purpose of these loans […]

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Would You Risk Your Safety To Save Money On Gas?

Most people realize that hypermiling is not the safest practice; in fact it leads to car accidents. However, many people still do it.  Well now, AAA is weighing in with their view on the subject.
AAA has released a very strong warning saying that practices to save gas, in which illegal driving techniques are used, are […]

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