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What Car Should Your Purchase For Your Teen Driver?

Safety and reliability should be top considerations when purchasing a car for a teenager.  After all, teens are new drivers and lack experience.  To determine which cars are safe, you should look at results from crash tests and advanced safety features.  Also, make sure the car comes with a sufficient auto warranty, because teens tend […]

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What Type Of Four Wheel Drive System Do You Need?

These days many vehicles are being offered with 4WD systems.  It can be difficult for consumers wanting to purchase a car with 4WD to distinguish between the different systems.  There is Part Time 4WD, Full Time 4WD and permanent 4WD.  So, what’s the difference?
The most basic of the 4WD systems is Part Time.  This allows […]

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A Used Car’s Interior Tells You A Lot About It

Buying a pre-owned car is a good way to get a good car for less money.  However, when most people go car shopping they inspect the outside thoroughly, but forget to inspect the interior.  Here are some things to look for.
Notice the smell of the interior.  If you detect mold, must or mildew, there is […]

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Getting A Used Auto Loan

These days it is a necessity to have a car.  However, not everyone can afford to buy a new car.  Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a good option in this case, yet sometimes it can be hard to find the funds.  Used car loans offer a solution to this problem.
The purpose of used car loans […]

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What Does Your Auto Warranty Cover?

There is nothing worse than getting your car repaired and hearing, “It isn’t covered under your auto warranty.”  Often, motorists are confused because they assume that certain repairs are covered.  Drivers need a little education to understand more about their new car warranties.
People need to understand that an auto warranty isn’t an entitlement, but an […]

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Is A Truck Or Car Based SUV For You?

SUVs come in a wide array of prices and sizes.  They provide more versatility than any other vehicle.  They have varying cargo carrying options, carry up to eight people, and allow for a driving position that is higher than cars.  In addition, they can tackle off-road terrain.  There are car based and truck based SUVs.  […]

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Toyota Customers Prove To Be Loyal

According to recent data from J.D. Power and Assoc. Toyota does the best job out of any car company in America of keeping its consumers coming back for more.  This data also shows that General Motors comes in second place for retaining customers.
Among recent new vehicle shoppers who previously owned a Toyota, Scion, or Lexus, […]

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Toyota Is Working On A Solar-Powered Car

According to the Associated Press, Toyota has “secretly” started to develop a solar-powered car, even though the Japanese company has experienced its first year down after having positive growth for 70 years.
However, don’t get too excited yet.  Perhaps the story that is the biggest here is the reason that the AP wrote about a potential […]

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Are Taxes Or Tolls More Fair?

Drivers and politicians tend to be against road tolls because it is believed that they burden drivers with a lower income disproportionately.  However, a recent study by USC and UCLA has discovered that a sales tax may be a greater offender on that front.
The study looked at a 10-mile stretch of freeway in California that […]

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Title Washing Is Becoming A Big Problem

There’s no way to get around the fact that vehicles experience damage, often irrevocably, everyday in America.  According to recent data, last year, approximately 1.3 million cars were tagged as damaged, either because of accidents or severe weather.  When damage such as this occurs, it is required that the car’s official title be “branded” as […]

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