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Anti-Lock Brake Systems

images-35.jpegAnti-lock brake systems (ABS) were made available on vehicles in the Unites States in 1978.  The first automaker to install them on production cars was Mercedes-Benz.  Cadillac began putting it in its luxury cars in 1986.

This braking system uses computers onboard that are linked to wheel sensors that will automatically make the brakes pump at a faster rate than humans can duplicate.  Anti-lock brakes apply selective pressure by being able to sense which wheels might lockup at any moment and then lowering the brake pressure on those wheels until they maintain proper rotation.  ABS only works in panic stops, not under normal braking circumstances.

ABS won’t provide you with a shorter stopping distance.  However, it has the advantage of allowing the driver to maintain control of the wheel, while avoiding skidding.

It is important for drivers to use ABS correctly.  To do this, drivers should stomp and steer.  Drivers shouldn’t pump, but instead press down hard on the brake pedal and don’t let up.

Drivers are becoming more and more concerned with auto safety.  New technology is changing safety functions to protect drivers and passengers.  Motorists should also protect themselves by purchasing an auto warranty for their vehicle.  This will allow for peace of mind.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 at 7:38 am In Auto Warranty  

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